• All our activities are planned and organized by our members. Members are encouraged to try out the activities that interest them. A member can start a new activity group by talking with the Board Members. 

  • Children are welcome at all activities. However, we encourage our members to leave the little ones at home for Moms' Night Out.

  • Please do not attend any of the activities or meetings if your child has a fever, cold or runny nose (unless due to allergies or teething) within the 24 hours before the scheduled event.

Below is a list of some of the activities that are open to all members:

All Member Meetings

Once a month we all get together to go over club business; vote on important issues and any other topics the members are interested in. We also invite interesting speakers to come and talk to us. One example of past speakers is Lissette N. Howell. Lissette is an integration nutritional health coach who came to speak to us about ways to use nutrition and and healthy changes to our lifestyle in order to take back our health! Many of the speakers have come to us via recommendations from members and all have been wonderful. Children are welcome at all meetings. We have crafts to do and toys for them to play with. One or more of our members supervise the play area (usually in the back or corner of the meeting room) so the other moms can focus on the meeting.  Anyone who is interested in the club is welcome to come to a meeting. 

We’d love to see you at our next meeting, contact our Membership Vice President today!

Park and Playground Days

Our kids and moms love park days! When the weather is warm, and sometimes not (we just bundle up), we get together at one of the local parks. This is a great way to check out our group. Contact our Membership Vice President for locations.


One of the most popular activity offered by MOMS Club ®. Although the purpose of a play date is to get the kids together to play, most moms will tell you that playgroups are as much for them (and some days more) than for the kids. 

Morning Walkers

Dust off those sneakers and pull out those strollers/bikes it is time to get up and get moving.  Morning walker meet multiple times a week at various parks around town. You will have so much fun chatting you won't even notice you are exercising!

All Member Outings

Each month we set off on another Mommy and me adventure! In the next few months we will be going to Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ and to a Somerset Patriots game. If you are interested in joining us please contact the Membership Vice President. We like to keep travel to 30 mins. or less so our little ones don’t get over tired. We are looking to add more of these types of trips in the coming year.

Moms' Night Out/In

Hang out with the girls and blow off some steam. Do something silly or wacky or just plain fun. Learn something new or show off your skills. Each month offers something different. The best part of all is that members have a built in way of taking a break without really needing to know the whole group. Mom's night out might be dinner out, game night, movie-night, etc.

Charity Projects

One of the missions of the MOMS Club is to help others in need. Throughout the year our club does various types of charity work. Our current service project is collecting items for Project Backpack. Some of our past projects have included collecting items for other charities such as the Roxbury Social Services. We have planted flowers and have celebrated holidays with the residents of Mt Olive Manner. We also have donated funds to other organizations and charities. Some of those have been local Fire Departments, Libraries and Township Recreation Departments as well as organizations. If you are interested in organizing a special project please contact our Administrative Vice President.

MOMS Club Roxbury Area P.O BOX 465 Flanders, NJ 07836