How can I join?
If you live in Roxbury, Mendham, or Chester, you can join our club and complete your dues payment online via PayPal If you don’t have regular access to the internet, you can also request a new member form and submit it in person or by mail to the Membership Vice President along with your annual dues (email 
What is the cost of membership?
Annual dues to join the MOMS Club ® of Roxbury Area, NJ are $30.00.
What activities does the club plan?
MOMS Club ® of Roxbury Area calendar of events includes playgroups at members’ homes, outdoor activities at playgrounds, zoos and public parks, indoor activities at gyms and museums, special interest groups, seasonal parties, and a monthly MOMS Night Out. Our monthly meeting usually takes place on the second Wednesday of the month. The MOMS Club ® activity calendars are a collaborative effort. It’s important to note that although the MOMS Club offers great opportunities for children’s activities, the MOMS Club is really about supporting mothers. When children get older and go off to school, mothers still need support and companionship. MOMS Club isn’t just for mothers of babies and preschoolers—we are a club for all mothers.
Where do play groups take place and who can host?
Any member may host either an age-specific or all-age playgroup. Playgroups take place at member’s homes, playgrounds, or sometimes at indoor play spaces.
Is there any participation requirement?
There is no participation requirement. Members may be as involved as they choose to be, but the more you join in, the more the club can offer both you and your children.
What do I receive when I join?
Once you’ve completed your registration and dues payment (online or via requested a new member form) you will receive a full membership contact roster which also lists board members and other coordinators, monthly newsletter, and a calendar of monthly activities. We will also add you to our email distribution list and you can join our online community on Facebook.
How is the club managed?
A volunteer board manages the club. Any member is welcome to run for any position and all board positions are up for election annually in June.
How can I get involved?
Participate in scheduled monthly activities
Volunteer for one of our committees or interest groups
Host a playgroup at your home
Recommend new ideas for the calendar
Volunteer to coordinate an activity for the calendar
Join a special interest group (Book club, etc.)
Start a new special interest group
Suggest an idea for MOMS Night Out
Recommend or coordinate a speaker series

MOMS Club Roxbury Area P.O BOX 465 Flanders, NJ 07836